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By: Endocrine Policy Forum
Resource Summary: If you are having difficulty separating the latest data from speculation when it comes to endocrine disrupting chemicals, you’re not alone. Clinicians around the world are challenged with providing informed medical opinions for their patients based on a profusion of misinterpreted data and misguided claims. Here are some common questions directly from clinicians, and answers with evidence-based information.
By: Endocrine Policy Forum
Resource Summary: Patients and healthcare professionals alike are inundated with unproven allegations about the health effects of common chemicals on our endocrine systems. How do you form a clear opinion of your own and weed out the myths on endocrine active chemicals? The best place to start is with the facts…
By: Endocrine Policy Forum
Resource Summary:Due to the amount of inaccurate and sensationalized information about endocrine disruptors at the public’s fingertips, clinicians are consistently faced with questions from concerned patients. To help navigate that challenging patient dialogue, consider the following tips.