CIR Precedents – Endocrine Activity`

Cosmetic Ingredient Review (2017)
The CIR Expert Panel considers ingredients that have demonstrated endocrine activity in such tests as potential endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), depending on the relevance, quality and concordance of the available studies, the doses and concentrations tested and the dose- or concentration-response relationships observed in such studies, the affinities of the ingredients for endocrine receptors or other components of the endocrine system, the potency of endocrine-active ingredients compared with endogenous hormones, and other important factors that contribute to an assessment of the overall weight-of-the-evidence (WoE).

Such assessments depend, at the outset, on a clear definition of what constitutes an EDC, understanding of the distinction between endocrine activity and endocrine disruption, and differentiation of endocrine-mediated effects from other likely mechanisms of action